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K O R C U L A   I S L A N D   C R O A T I A

5  N I G H T S   M A Y   1 9 - 2 4

S O L D  O U T

S O L D  O U T

F I N A L  R O O M

Welcome to our Radiant Retreats collection for 2017. We're spending time in the most beautiful locations this year and would absolutely love for you to join us. Hosted by best selling health and wellness author Hanna Sillitoe, Radiant Retreats are about rest, relaxation and a return to wellbeing. Every element of your experience has been carefully considered. Our intention is to take you out of your regular routine into an enviroment 100% conducive to health and healing.

H E A L   S K I N   F R O M   W I T H I N

B E S T   S E L L I N  G   A U T H O R   H A N N A   S I L L I T O E

Radiant Front Cover

I have hand selected all of our retreat locations personally and I host each retreat myself. My book Radiant is focused on healing skin from within and that is absolutely key to our retreats. Whilst each retreat is set in a beauitfully peaceful location, the yoga we practice and the food we serve is focused on restorative healing. I struggled with eczema and psoriasis for over 20 years and finally cleared my skin through a complete lifestyle change. It's really important to me to be able to share that with you, and doing so by taking you out of your regular environment and creating a space where you can begin to focus on the changes you need to make to get well again can be hugely beneficial. Above all, I understand the feelings of self consciousness associated with skin problems and really wanted to create an environment you'd feel confortable and relaxed in. That's exactly what our retreats offer. We'd be delighted to answer any questions you may have 0844 88 44 5 22 or email 


R A D I A N T   -   T H E   B O O K

H EA L T H Y   H E A L I N G   F O O D S

Published in February 2017, Hanna's book RADIANT became an instant best seller, making the AMAZON TOP 5 overnight. All the food prepared on our retreats is made focusing on the principles in the book. Plant powered, gluten free, dairy free with no nightshades or refined sugar. Find out more here ...

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A L M O S T  F U L L

Bali House 14

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