It goes without saying that Radiant Retreats would not be possible without our amazing team of coaches, hosts, chefs, guides and local experts at each of the beautiful locations we offer, working together to carefully and consistently provide the best experiences, healthy plant powered menus, exciting excursions, and daily itineraries for an unforgettable, restorative, and explorative experience for the body, mind and skin. 


Radiant Retreats were born out of my endless passion for travel, food and sunshine. Having struggled with severe psoriasis and eczema for over 20 years, it was finally a complete lifestyle and diet overhaul that offered me a cure. Helping other people to take the first steps on that journey is my absolute dream. Skin conditions made me feel incredibly self conscious over the years. My mission with Radiant Retreats is to create an environment where everybody feels completely at ease.



Whether you're struggling with fatigue, problem skin, weight loss, weight gain, allergies or just a nagging feeling of needing to make a commitment to change, your body is asking for support. Taking time out of your regular routine can be a really important first step in breaking the poor health cycle. We don't simply want you to spend a short period of time with us enjoying a relaxed, healthy lifestyle and then go back to your old ways (unless you want to of course) Our mission is to arm you with the tools, knowledge and desire to permanently improve your health and lifestyle.




Radiant Retreat Coordinator

Rachel is our amazing Radiant Retreat coordinator and the person who will help ensure everything about your retreat stay is absolutely perfect. A personal point of contact from the moment you book, Rachel is on hand to answer any concerns or questions you might have along the way. Passionate about everything we do, Rachel is a busy mum of two gorgeous girls, with a life long love of travel and a love of luxury spa retreats, Rach can absolutely assist in tailoring the retreat experience you've been searching for.




Mind and Body Coach

Working with clients to help them achieve their personal fitness goals in a sustainable way. Caroline leads the development of our mind and body coaching activities for our retreats, which include: Group workouts tailoring the activities to the fitness levels of the group, one to one coaching, group meditation. Our supportive and engaging approach to physical activity and makes clients, no matter what their experience level, feel at ease.




Yoga Coach

Jana Appleyard has taught yoga full time since 1999 and is the founder of Yoga in the City. Her teaching is influenced by many years of study of Shadow Yoga. Jana’s current study in the internal arts and exploration of all forms of movement continue to inform the development of her own unique style. Jana works with all levels from beginners to advanced and now lives full time on the island of Hvar in Croatia. Jana is accredited as a senior teacher by Yoga Alliance UK and will be offering morning and evening practice on our Hvar Island retreats.