Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a partner, friend or relative?

Of course! The reason we price our rooms per person is to avoid disappointment when you request a single person supplement price! There is nothing worse than feeling excited about travelling to a retreat only to find the cost pretty much doubles when you want to come alone. Many of our guests travel alone and make wonderful life long friends on the retreat but you would of course be welcome to bring a partner or friend and we can arrange a larger or twin room for you.


Do men attend your retreats?

We're asked this a lot. We love to welcome everyone on our retreats; age, gender, experience are not an issue at all. Perhaps it's because ladies invest a little more in self care but I can not stress highly enough how great our retreats are for men too! You will absolutely not feel left out or awkward! The feedback we consistently get from guys who have been on our retreats are that they feel wonderfully welcomed and looked after by everyone.


I have specific dietary requirements

No problem at all. Please just let us know in advance to make things easier for our retreat chefs. We will work with you to tailor meal plans to foods you can enjoy.


Do I need to pay immediately?

No, we can take an initial NON-REFUNDABLE deposit payment of £500 to secure your booking. The remaining balance must be paid 28 days before travel.


Is my deposit refundable? 

We take a £500 deposit per person per retreat. This is non refundable. The only instance in which your deposit would be refunded is in the highly unlikely event we were to cancel the retreat. It's for this reason that we advise you to arrange travel insurance cover, that way if for whatever reason you need to cancel your booking with us you can make a claim through your insurance provider. 


How long are your transfers to the retreat?

Transfers to each retreat vary between around 1-3 hours depending on our location. Our transfer driver will look after you all the way.


How do I arrange my transfer?

Simply let us know the details of your incoming flight and we can do the rest for you.


Am I insured?

No. We do not provide travel insurance. Please arrange your own.


Can children come to the retreats?

Our policy is that children aged 16 or over can attend the retreat. However it is fundamentally an environment where people have come to relax and unwind, so it is important that if you're thinking about bringing teenagers they respect this.


Am I expected to stay at the retreat or can I go sightseeing?

Each retreat location is a little different so it's best to check the schedule or speak to us about what we offer on each retreat. Sometimes we do like to visit local markets or villages but our retreats are mostly about rest and relaxation in and around the retreat itself. You are not forced to stay against your will! So if it's really important to you to explore the area we are not going to stop you.


Do the retreats include flights?

They don't but we do tailor times dates and locations to work well with flights from all UK destinations. Please speak to us so that we can advise you on flight times and airlines.


What shall I bring?

We would recommend loose fitting clothes or yoga wear for morning and evening exercise sessions. Sports clothing and shoes for hikes and walks. And swim wear for sea and pool time. We will provide exercise mats and all skin care cosmetics are provided on arrival.


Do I have to take part in every class?

All classes (and activities) are completely voluntary. I always say to guests that the retreat weeks are for you, whatever you need. So if you need to take it easy one morning, then by all means, do what you need physically and mentally.


What if I have no fitness experience?

Radiant Retreats are for all levels of fitness. We've had many beginners come to the retreats, and many who found a new love (or renewed love) of exercise. One of the reasons we like to keep the number of guests so small is to better personalise classes and attention placed on each person.


I feel self conscious of my weight and skin. Is this retreat for me?

Absolutely. If you have any concerns whatsoever, please speak to us before hand. Every member of the retreat team has struggled with their weight or skin so we completely understand. It may also help to chat with fellow guests as you'd be surprised how many people feel the same.


How do I sign up?

The best thing to do is to take a look at our retreats which currently offer spaces. You can find those here. If any particularly appeal to you why not contact us for more information or click the link to email us and book.


I have a question that hasn't been answered here.

No problem. Please email us and we will be able to help answer.


What are the terms and conditions of my deposit and booking?

You will find our terms and conditions here.